Puddle Splash, New Brighton | Review

It has been blazing hot recently and it looks like the North West may be going to see a decent summer this year (*touches wood*). So I bumped up our visit to Puddle Splash in New Brighton and we went to check out this out door, summer time, spalsh zone from the famous Bubbles World of Play.

The need to know details, cost of entry is £5 per child for an hour, adults go free. The area is intended for kids aged 1 year-11 years of age. I have since heard, although I cannot find it on their facebook page, that they do in fact charge entry to kids who are aged 6 m +. I think every parent would have to decide for themselves if they think their kid would get £5 worth of fun out of it but I personally thing below 18m it wouldn’t have been something I would have paid for for my little one. Do check on line for special off season entry offers. They had a term time double admission to Puddles and Bubbles for £7.50 in early summer 2018. It is open from 11 am -5.30 daily across the summer, but do check their facebook page the evening before you go to see if it will be open, as they only open in good weather.


The park is based around a pirate/seaside theme, and has a wide variety of water jets, cannons, sprays etc. Erynn loved it, it is water in all it’s fun time glory, so what is not to like, especially if you are almost 3? Well for the kids, not much, there is variety, surprise, and plenty of non slip area to run around on. However the water is cold and for smaller kids you may find they feel cold after half an hour or so. Erynn caved after about 40 min, and the day was about 27 deg with no wind. The other thing that I wondered is how it would be for a smaller child at really busy times, as the kids are running around, as kids do, not really looking where they are going. Having highlighted those things Erynn had the best time and for 40 min she barely stopped running, splashing, and generally having the time of her life.

Facilities wise there are several wooden cabins for changing, a food vending area, and unisex bathrooms.  Puddle Splash ask that you don’t bring picnics, they cite that this is to avoid water contamination, and to avoid encouraging wildlife to frequent the area. They do however sell their own food, and for this reason I am not sure how well their arguments stack up. However, you are only in for an hour and so do you really want to spend that time eating? There are plenty of picnic benches for the grown ups, however I was surprised that there was no shade beyond that provided by the building and the angle of the sun, on a hot day it was intense for those sat watching the fun.

Liked : The sheer fun and variety from the splash park.

Disliked : The lack of shade.

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