Church Farm

Wirral and Cheshire have no shortage of farms aimed at the family day out market. We have at least three within a 20 minute drive of where we live. Church Farm is situated in Thurstaton on the Wirral. It is a lovely farm with a cafe and organic farm shop, plus many children’s activities thrown in for good measure. It is a very outdoors activity so whilst there are a few indoor areas, it would probably be best to save this for a drier day.

The farm has views across the River Dee to Wales. It has all the usual animals, some of them however are more unusual examples of the category. The cows are highland cows, the goats are pigmy goats, they have alpacas, shetland ponies etc. Unusually they also have a colony of meerkats. There is a program of activities throughout the day, such as tractor rides or meet the pet, although this seems to be for weekends and school holidays, I would recommend calling ahead to ask if you are going outside of these times and there is something you particularly want to do.

The farm itself isn’t too big, my daughter is just under three and she managed to walk the whole thing. If you do have a pushchair the paths are pushchair friendly. I did find the map a little confusing and whilst there is signage I found that the day we were there many people didn’t seem to realise that their were more animals further up the field and turned back after the first area.

There is a playground, a traversing wall, an adventure playground (enclosed maze type area), go carts, and many more activities. Indoors they have a colouring room, an area with pedal tractors for smaller kids and pedal go carts for bigger kids and behind that is an indoor sand pit. The sand pit is under glass which would be great ordinarily, but it was 21 degrees the day we went so the room was very hot even with windows open.

The great thing about the farm is that it does have something for kids of all ages so it is great if you have a wide age of children range to keep amused. Along with a daily timetable Church farm has Easter, Halloween and Christmas events which are very popular.

The cafe is good serving sandwiches cakes etc and has kids tables. There is usually a selection of gluten free cakes on offer too. The organic shop seems to have down sized a bit from previous visits. The cafe and shop can be accessed without paying admission to the farm area, so you can always just drop in for a coffee.

Open Wed-Sunday. Entry price does vary so please check the website for the cost for the day you wish to go.

We gave it a 4/5 for fun.

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